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Intermediate Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool create_from (Grammar *, Rule *)
void create_from_conjunction (Conjunction *)
bool empty ()
string evaluate_nonterminal (int, bool)
string evaluate_special ()
int get_current_selection ()
int get_default_selection ()
int get_int_parameter (int)
Intermediateget_intermediate (int)
string get_name ()
Parameterget_parameter (int)
int get_parameter_num ()
int get_selected_checkbox ()
int get_selected_child ()
string get_string_parameter (int)
void get_subst_parameter (int, string &, string &, bool &)
 Intermediate (Intermediate *)
bool is (int i)
bool is_conjunction ()
bool is_default_widget ()
bool is_disjunction ()
bool is_special ()
bool parameter_type (int, int)
void print (int)
void recieve (string)
void send (string message, char separ=':')
void transduce ()
void transduce_1 ()
void transduce_2 ()

Private Attributes

int child_num
list< Intermediate * > children
int modifiers
int spec_type
string textinfo [3]
int type


class Kaptain
class Rule

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file intermediate.h.

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